Health-System Specialty Pharmacy Outcomes Research Consortium


In 2017, the health outcomes and research team at Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy created a collaborative Consortium with the goal of fostering cross-site research opportunities, educational activities, and networking among health-system specialty pharmacies across the country. As of Spring 2022, the Consortium is composed of 46 health-system specialty pharmacies (HSSPs).


Demonstrate the value of health-system specialty pharmacies through collaborative outcomes research.

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Goals of the Consortium

Goal 1

Perform multisite research studies demonstrating the value of the HSSPs with stronger sample sizes

Goal 2

Share best practices and research resources among HSSPs to empower as many as possible to demonstrate their value through outcomes research

Goal 3

Align/standardize outcomes metrics collected and reported by health-system specialty pharmacies where possible

Completed and Ongoing Research Projects (As of Fall 2022):

Adherence to self-administered biologic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs across health-system specialty pharmacies (
  • This large, multisite retrospective cohort study was the first to demonstrate adherence rates across several HSSPs and provided novel insights into rates and reasons for appropriate gaps in therapy
  • Across 20 participating sites, the median adherence rate (measured by proportion of days covered [PDC]) was 0.94 using data from 29,994 prescriptions and 3,530 patients.


Management of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis within Health-System Specialty Pharmacies: Actions and Outcomes
  • This multisite prospective cohort study will be the first to report adherence and outcomes in patients with MS across multiple health-system specialty pharmacies. Additionally, it will provide needed insight into health-system specialty pharmacy management of patients with MS.
  • Results from this study will be presented at national conferences throughout 2022.


Clinical Services Provided by Health-Systems Specialty Pharmacies: A Survey of Current Practice
  • The objective of this multi-phased survey is to aggregate data to demonstrate the benefits of a health-system specialty pharmacy (HSSP) by demonstrating the clinical services provided by HSSPs.
  • A review of literature describing the role and outcomes of HSSPs has been submitted for publication
  • The Consortium partnered with ASHP to disseminate a survey to HSSPs assessing currently provided clinical services; results pending


Safety Screening in Patients Initiating Biologic Specialty Medications
  • This prospective cohort study will evaluate the role HSSPs play in patients safely initiating self-administered biologic therapies.
  • Study design and execution are currently in process.


Use of Deutetrabenazine Above Food and Drug Administration Maximum Recommended Dose
  • This retrospective study will assess the safety and effectiveness of deutetrabenazine doses greater than the currently DFA-approved 28mg per day.
  • Study design and execution are currently in process.
DAA Treatment Failure and Retreatment Strategies Following NAT+ HCV Solid Organ Transplantation in HCV-Negative Recipients: A Case Series
  • Given the high efficacy rates of DAA treatment in patients following NAT+ HCT SOT in HCV-recipients, little data is available to guide retreatment selection. This study aims to fill this gap by polling data from multiple treatment sites, assessing the retreatment strategies and SVC rates of said strategies.
  • Study design and execution are currently in process.

Networking and Educational Events:

Journal Club and Hot Topic Roundtables

The Consortium hosts a monthly event that alternates between a journal club, wherein authors present results from an applicable study, and a hot topic roundtable on a specialty pharmacy topic of interest. Both events include a brief presentation followed by discussion between presenters and attendees.

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